Monday, 3 May 2010

Update 10/04/11

All these posts are for your information fellow Gurnites. Despite the vast majority of representations being in favour of a single Community Council the mandarins of Highland Council decided that the Status Quo should remain. The fight goes on however.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Single Council for Nairn debated in the Courier

The Inverness Courier has been speaking to representatives from Nairn River, West and Suburban Councils on the issue of a single Community Council for the town. 
Briefly the West and the Suburban want to see a single council for the town too with only the River against. Actually the River discussed the issue again tonight in the Laing Hall on Tuesday night and it seems that since a new Council has been reelected they will debate the issue again. Iain Fairweather was present and asked if the River Community Council was obliged to undertake consulation with the public on the matter. Hopefully they will!
Here's what John Mackie told the Inverness Courier:
"This consultation is not about John Mackie, Jean Tolmie or any of the other community councillors," he stressed. " It is about the folk of Nairn and what they want."
"We have been arguing for a single community council for a number of years because at the moment there are three different voices for the town and on some issues, like the A96, we are not singing from the same hymn sheet."

Monday, 5 April 2010

The Debate is now live on the Highland Council forum - if you want change in Nairn then take part!

One of the ways you can campaign for a Royal Burgh Council is to make your views know on the Highland Council forum that has been set up for the duration of the three month consultation process.  The Swimming Pool issue proves yet again how Nairn needs to speak coherently with one democratically elected voice!

 Here's the Highland Council Forum. Registration is easy, why not pop along and add your support.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Other Royal Burghs with an advantage over Nairn

Quite a few other towns in Scotland which were once bestowed with the honour still make use of the title 'Royal Burgh', and why not? Somehow the 'Nairnshire Partnership and Ward Forum' doesn't quite hit the spot as a catchy title for promoting the town does it? Nothing wrong with the Partnership and Ward forum of course but it's time we had an elected body which represents the town again. Here's a few other places in Scotland which have taken that useful step, a step that recognises a town's hertiage, history and ambition, you will find the following Royal Burgh Community Councils:

Royal Burgh of Cupar Community Council, Royal Burgh of St Andrews Community Council, Royal Burgh of Selkirk and District Community Council, Royal Burgh of Jedburgh Community Council, Royal Burgh of Lanark Community Council, Royal Burgh of Whithorn and District community council, Community Council of the Royal Burgh of Peebles and District, The Community Council for the Royal Burgh of Forres, Elie & The Royal Burgh of Earlsferry Community Council, Royal Burgh of Montrose Community Council, Royal Burgh of Elgin Community Council, The Royal Burgh of Wick Community Council.

The democratic benefits of a single Council representing the town are obvious, the benefits in promoting Nairn's separate identity in the world are easily seen too. Soon there will be a period of consultation where Highland Council will be seeking the views of the town's population on how community councils in the town should be reformed. We have three councils that represent odd lines drawn on a map, by goodness knows who, back in the seventies. End the confusion and take a step forward - let your views be known. The Gurn will provide information of how you can take part in the consultation, you may also find this additional Gurn blog useful for more background information.

Plus comment previously posted on the Gurn:

'Well said, Gurnmeister! The coming period of austerity and cuts will make it even more important for Nairn to speak with one authoritative voice.'

Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Consulation will include an on line forum!

From the Council web site:

'The three month consultation will use a variety of ward forums, area meetings of Community Councils and a discussion forum on the Council’s website to gauge the views of Community Councils and the wider public.

Convener Sandy Park said: “Community Councils play a vital role in communities across Highland and in the democratic process. I would encourage the public to have their say on the forthcoming consultation and urge Community Councils to respond and discuss the content with their communities.” '

More information on the HC site.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Second stage of consultation process

The Highland council will soon be commencing the second stage of their Community Council consultation process in Nairn. There will be some small changes in the existing boundaries but the Highland Council wish to undertake further consultation in Nairn to discover the Community's view on the issue  of a single council.
During April and May there will be an opportunity to input your views to the process. The situation in Nairn is confused at the moment in the eyes of Highland Council given that two of the town's existing community councils are in favour of a single council with one against. Both the Highland Council and the community councils will be undertaking this consultation. Watch the local press and the Gurn for further details.
It will be the views of the general public that will be paramount in this exercise. If you think that a single council for Nairn is a good idea please get involved.