Thursday, 18 March 2010

More comment on a single council on the Nairn Blogosphere


  1. I hate to be an anti Royalist, well perhaps not too much but any chance we could drop the 'Royal' bit out when we get one council?
    Burgh of Nairn would be fine, or even whatever it was before we obtained approval from a majesty

  2. Nairn already has that title anon.
    'A royal burgh was a type of Scottish burgh which had been founded by, or subsequently granted, a royal charter. Although abolished in 1975, the term is still used in many of the former burghs.'Wikipedia.
    And again according to the Wikipedia site Nairn was awarded that status in 1214, does anyone know if that date is accurate, this observer seems to remember hearing of an alternative date.
    Here at Gurn HQ we believe the 'Royal Burgh' title would be a unique selling point for the town but perhaps others have different views. The important thing is to take part in the consultation process and have your say.
    A quick trawl on the net reveals:
    The Community Council of the Royal Burgh of Tain
    The Royal Burgh of Selkirk and District Community Council,
    The Royal Burgh of North Berwick Community Council

  3. Aye and how about the "Independent Burgh of Nairn", separate from Inverness rather than the queen!